Hot Water Extraction Our Steam Cleaning

People often refer to our process of cleaning as steam cleaning. Although it may be a very popular and widely used phrase, here at AAACC the technical term that best describes the method used to get that spectacular look, in your homes and on your carpet is Hot Water Extraction.

Our Hot water extraction method effectively removes all sorts of matter, debris, soil, grit and grime many of which the vacuum just cannot pick up. We totally understand the assumption of why it is perceived as steam cleaning, because of the massive vapor release/steam you see coming form our carpet cleaning wands when we clean, but the reality is we really don’t use steam to clean.

Is It Cleaning Time Again?

With pets, family, friends and everyone else in between, houses get lived in, they get used and naturally with normal activity from friends, pets, family our homes can get a little out of sorts especially the carpets. Not to worry we are ready, and on stand by to come help beautify your home.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation List

Top 5 steps to prepare your home to get you better results with your service:

  1. Take a moment to look at your place then Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum – This is one of the most important steps to achieve a great clean. We do not include this in our price to save you money.
  2. Make note of any areas of concern, problem areas that you need to point out to us when we arrive and this is the perfect time to see if additional areas need cleaning as well.
  3. Clear all traffic lane areas to be cleaned – all clothes, toys etc. should be removed from traffic lane areas on carpet.
  4. Computer equipment, china cabinets, entertainment centers, antique and fragile furniture cannot be moved. However, areas of carpet around that area and underneath will be cleaned wherever the carpet wand can safely reach if sufficient room is available to do so.
  5. Please move pictures, lamps or other breakables blocking cleaning paths in areas or rooms to be cleaned.

AAACC assumes no responsibility for loose kids or pets – please put pets in a safe, quiet place so our cleaning won’t disturb them.  If possible leave the parking spot closest to front door open so that we can easily get equipment into your home.

Cancellations – please try to give us at least 24 hours notice If you need to cancel.

Rescheduling – please try to give us at least 24 hours notice as we this may allow someone else to assume that time slot.

Furniture Moving Policy

Our Process

Walk through home with client to identify potential areas of concern. Corner guards are used to protect walls as needed. A pre-spray solution is applied to carpet (pretreatment) followed by high temp clear-water rinse / extraction specialty treatment / services applied (as per clients request).

We live here in this beautiful city of Las Vegas where the outside temperature gets pretty toasty.

Another very popular statement we hear is “It’s only dry heat” referring to the lack of humidity so supposedly, based on that statement it’s really not that bad. Well the facts are when the temperature pops over 105 degrees everyone with a pulse, and everything else sweat, including those blacktop tar paved streets.

This unfortunately creates a bit of a challenge when trying to clean, remove and correct that stubborn collection of film. Because of that, this method of cleaning is recommended in the Greater Las Vegas Valley area every 6-10 months depending on the amount of traffic and maintenance your carpet receives (Check your warranty information provide by your carpet retailer).